Series 6

Series 6™

Series 6 420 – 450 watts / up to 18.2% efficiency

  • Superior temperature coefficient, spectral response and shading behavior means more energy per watt vs. conventional c-Si modules
  • Innovative under-mount frame with SpeedSlots™ enable the industry’s fastest installation times and lowest mounting hardware costs
  • Dual junction box design eliminates the need for wire management
  • Best-in-class durability and reliability
  • No power loss from LiD or LeTID
  • Immune to and warranted against power loss from cell cracking
  • Industry’s best environmental profile with the lowest carbon and water footprint, and fastest energy payback

Series 6™ Plus

Series 6 Plus 430 – 460 watts / up to 18.3% efficiency

  • Includes all of the advantages of Series 6
  • Larger form factor provides more watts per module, with minimal impact to structure design
  • Enhanced BOS savings through fewer connections and less mounting hardware per watt
  • Series 6 Plus will be available in two product variants to meet site-specific design requirements – no overdesign:
    • Interior array modules – a lighter load-compliant module that will occupy the interior rows of an array. The reduced weight enables faster install velocity and less installer fatigue
    • Exterior array modules – a higher load module that ensures an appropriately robust perimeter for an array
  • Overall lower LCOE for a competitive return on investment

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