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Supervising, Controlling and Optimizing Your Plant’s Performance in Real Time.

  • Real-time plant monitoring and control
  • Forecasting and scheduling (in select markets)
  • Utility interface and compliance with regulatory authorities
  • Reporting to investors
  • Warranty administration and advocacy
  • Maintenance coordination and communication


Increase Production and Lower Expenses to Maximize Profitability.

  • Predictive maintenance enablement
  • Continuous DC plant commissioning
  • Data accuracy validation
  • Weekly performance engineering reviews
  • Monthly in-depth performance analysis report
  • Web portal with maintenance recommendations


Minimize Downtime. Reduce Equipment Failures. Protect Asset Value.

  • Module cleaning and vegetation abatement
  • Grounds maintenance, pest control, water/waste, etc.
  • End-to-end power plant maintenance (DC and AC)
  • Safety focus (pending ISO 45001 accreditation)
  • Spare parts, inventory, and supply chain management
  • Maintenance scheduling with grid operators
  • Development of plant-specific procedures
  • Night-time scheduled maintenance for lowest production impact

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